MABU ERP - Marco Büscher

Here I am... on a Mission... your mission… not just the next mission but the one that is two steps ahead, the one that depends on solving problems before they happen, my mission is to prepare you for the future by making the best out of your Project. I help you to Integrate your Software Project faster and safer… I code with cyber readiness into everything I do… my mission is to build the integrated solution you can depend on … because the world is depending on you …

Consulting and development - Professional training, and human development services for individuals and organizations.

Modulberatung / Anwendungsentwicklung / Training


SCM Procurement (MM) / Financial Accounting (FI) / Anwendungsentwicklung ABAP / Order Fulfillment (SD) / Management Accounting (CO) /


Marco H. Büscher
Beratungsservices & digitale Services
Am Kanaldamm 1b
49808 Lingen (EMS)
Telefon: +49 591 142 052 29
Mobil: +49 1605 630 171